Explore seamless payment integration options with our array of devices. Choose full integration with devices like PAX IM30 or AMP 6500, providing a complete point-of-sale solution with an integrated display screen, CPI, and payment acceptance. Alternatively, opt for semi-integrated solutions such as the Ingenico Self 3000, designed to enhance existing EVSE software and enclosures running separate display screens and user interfaces. Our certifications, including ISO/IEC 15118 for AC/DC charging, PCI DSS, EMV Co, and IP-rated payment devices like PAX - IM30 and AMP – 6500, ensure secure and reliable transactions. Vandal-resistance IK08 rated payment devices add an extra layer of durability to meet diverse needs.

AMP 6500

The AMP 6500 is a self-service, physically robust payment device built to withstand the toughest environments without sacrificing speed, security, or payment methods. The secure Android OS makes development easy, allowing software to be custom-tailored for any use case. Combining a high- resolution touch screen with swipe, tap, chip & PIN and QR payment functionality, the 6500 is an all-in-one solution that is simple to install and maintain. An extra-robust casing built to IP 65 dust and water resistance standard, UL 94 V-0 flame resistance, and IK 08 vandal-proofing ensure that the 6500 can be deployed in any kind of environment, without having to worry about damage or weathering.

Ingenico – Self 3000

The Self 3000’s robust, sleek, and space-saving design makes it ideal for industries like EV charging and car wash self-service businesses. With certifications to accept multiple payment methods including NFC/contactless, Chip without PIN, and magstripe, it allows independent software vendors a faster time-to-market. The device is highly outdoor rated with an above industry average impact rating (IK10), and ingress protection rating (IP65), providing partners with peace of mind that the device will withstand the elements and cut down on device replacements due to weather damage.


The IM30 is an all-in-one unattended payment terminal that is designed to handle all payment methods including EMV®, MSR, and NFC contactless, QR code, as well as NFC-enabled mobile wallets. Built to last in any environment, it offers added conveniences and security like push-to-talk, picture surveillance, and automated customer identification. The IM30 performs best in all kinds of indoor and outdoor self-service environments with high transaction volumes, such as vending machines, ticketing machines, on-street and off-street parking, petrol forecourts, car-washes and store kiosks, self-service checkouts, and more.


Iotecha – 48 AMP Level 2 EV Charger

IoTecha’s CCS-C48A charger incorporates innovative technologies to provide an outstanding charging experience for electric vehicle owners.‌

The charger has a maximum rating of 48A and its power output can be adjusted to accommodate existing capacity. The CCS-C48A is fully compatible with ISO15118-20 and ISO15118-2, enabling seamless communication between the charger and the electric vehicle. It supports various smart charging scenarios, including Plug & Charge and load management solutions.

‌This unit features IoTecha’s unique mechanical design, which includes a modular front fascia. This design allows customers to customize the charger’s appearance. By simply clipping on an interchangeable front cover, users can choose from a range of design options, allowing them to personalize their chargers to match their style or brand identity.‌

Assembled in the United States, the CCS-C48A, not only ensures exceptional product performance but also contributes to local job growth and qualifies for several incentive programs as well. Furthermore, the charger is designed to simplify the installation process by eliminating the need to open the charger, which reduces installation time and effort, making it more efficient for installers.

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